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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  August 25, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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turn it into down. when they go to nickel. they are a lot like pittsburgh. they try to bring it from different places and give it different looks. it's definitely a good warmup. i think we kind of got back to it pretty well. >> suzy: it's been so hard to get over the hump against pittsburgh. how much does it weigh on the psyche? >> i don't know. we are ready to go. you know, when you have two teams like that, that us and them, great team, there is definitely a mental aspect to the game. we have to go this there and play the game and they will come in here the first game. we will be ready. >> suzy: this was supposed to be the dress rehearsal and some of the linemen are being fitted for uniforms. >> it's been a greats opportunity for the guys to show what they got. we have a center out there, matt dirk. we have a center that is playing well.
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and he done a lot and had a great studeopportunity. we are trying to work it out. i'm proud of those guys. they have done a great job. >> suzy: so much change. how did it feel? >> it felt good. we missed the guys that are not here. we have young talent and lee evans helping us out. we are set. >> suzy: what do you think of evans? >> just let it go. >> suzy: thank you. >> mike: thank you, suzy. and flips and fallso. >> jon: there's no question joe flacco has been outstanding in the regular season. the steelers are a team he must
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get over. every quarterback has a team that you have to explode upon to put the negative memories behind you. joe has struggled in the playoffs against the pittsburgh steelers. what season? i don't know. he has played well against the steelers. they do present problems for him. >> mike: second and nine. and ind stended for stallworth. and the flag is down there, trying to stay with stallworth. >> ron: you will see clemens. he is looking down the field first. and just heave one down to the left sideline. it didn't look like there was much contact. but there was a flag. >> referee: illegal contact, 40
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on the defense. first down. >> mike: shocky brown out of tngs texas, called for the flag. here are the number, terrific against the rest of the league. look, pittsburgh has been a great team. the reality is, 2-6. look at the turnover. they turned the ball over more on the key spots. and play with flacco, polamalu coming off last year. and that was the difference in who hosted the playoff game who won the division. pittsburgh moved on. >> ron: look back to last year, michael vick throws three interceptions against the defense. that defense of pittsburgh makes a lot of great quarterbacks look
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normal. >> jon: polamalu, he was hit in the head. and later, the same blitz, same guy. where is the audible? where is the 48% audible? they turn the game around. and i'm hoping that joe flacco and cam cameron say, you know what? we're going pick that up and change the protection. i heard flacco say it. we are going get ready for pittsburgh and make all the plays this year. >> ron: maybe if they slide out of the pass protection. >> mike: the andy williams tackle. baltimore time-out. 3:44 to go. >> jon: the turnovers have killed the ravens when they played the steelers.
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the greatest compliment i can give, they win a lot of games because of the their ball security and discipline. when they play the steelers, i bet they are minus six or minussen. it's the game. they don't turn the ball over in pittsburgh -- >> mike: do you want the numbers? >> jon: i'm sure you have them. >> mike: we have people. they are plus 42 against everybody against pittsburgh. they minus 7 against pittsburgh. >> jon: that's the bottom game there. >> ro he is going to be ready this year. >> ron: he saw a lot of them last year. there was opportunities and it didn't happen. >> mike: clemens throws the interception. and jackson, offer to the races. and tripped up by clemens.
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>> jon: clemens a former oregon duck. >> ron: when you have the lead and the fall inside of 4 4:00, it's the last thing you want to do maim make a mistake in the middle of the field. you are going see a look over the middle here. and jackson reads it all the way. and a poor decision by clemens. again, it comes back to managing the situation. you want to get your work in as a quarterback and make throws. the bottom line, you are in a four-minute drill. you have the lead and the ball. you cannot turn it over. six-year veteran quarterback. we hear from every quarterback and. seize the throw. he didn't seize that one. >> mike: a 44-yard return by jackson. >> ron: jim haslett. he is running a full blitz, one after another. and poor tyrod taylor just got
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here. he can't possibly have all the audibles you talked about, 48%. 23 if they did have an audible, he had no chance. that needs to come into play quick. >> jon: this is a guy that has been here three weeks. i don't think he is going to get the audibles. >> mike: here they come again. the throw is complete. and just gin harper, another former virginia tech hokie. call that quick slant. get the ball out of the quarterback's hands quick. third down and seven. >> mike: look at the middle of
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the field. it's wide open. taylor. off the hands of harper. four-point game, 4:16. one time-out. go for it here on fourth down. >> tyrod taylor needed to accuracy we heard so much about. that one sailed on him a bit. and down and around the belly. takes off on him. >> mike: harner two years together at virginia tech. counting on him down here in the a red zone. and friends spend a lot of time in blacksburg, have een him hook up before. taylor, off the hands of anthony allen. >> jon: that was a wheel route coming out of the back field.
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>> ron: the right call and coming off of the back field here. this is allen, he is a rookie out of georgia tech. the problem is they don't throw the ball in the wish bone offense. had a chance to win the game for the ravens. that's a bad feeling. >> mike: you saw the shots. i love -- what i love about that point in these games. is the veterans -- the veterans watch canning great interest and emotional enthusiasm. the young kids throughout playing the big sports. they watched them grow over the last couple weeks. john harbaugh is going to take his final time-out before the 2:00 warning at 2:05. >> ron: this is also good work
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for the coaching staff. the tight game. with you work on your game mechanics, call a time-out. save time in your offense if you do get -- this is where an a coaching staff does communicate well together. >> jon: if you are shanahan, you tell clemens, do not turn the ball over. they are going to run it down to the two-minute drill and the ravens have a chance to get the ball back. i assume they expect the blitz. >> mike: a run, not going to gain anything and we'll get two to the two-minute warning. third down.
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>> mike: all right, "sportscenter" coming up in a
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bit. speaks of john, the state of wisconsin, wisconsin/unlv. a great weekend we have coming up. the little league world series saturday and sunday. and all. >> wendi: week on espn2 and the college football season, one week from tonight. >> jon: i can't wait. hurricane permitting. >> mike: lots of evacuations and other things along north carolina through long island. doesn't look good unfortunately. >> mike: the wraifens will see atlanta next thursday. the red skins will host tampa bay. the two teams wrap up their preseason next thursday night.
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one game friday and the preseason, done and the season gets started in three weeks. third and eight and a blitz coming outs. throws over the blitz and first down. baltimore cannot stop the clock. should get with it 1:09 left. >> jon: a similar score from earlier in the game. a quick screen out of the shotgun. a good open field for the ravens. could this be an all-out block center. >> ron: looks like a run. >> mike: laquan williams is back. washington took it all the way down to the end and then used a time-out.
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we have a minute here, here is suzy. >> suzy: we can't say good night about saying hi to ray lewis. your 16th season but -- >> mike: joe flacco, nice. >> suzy: courtesy of the quarterback. nice. ray, your 16th season. we haven't seen the best of you yet. would what would you like to improve on? >> everything. i think every year, you get better and better. and i love it with a passion. and as long as i can learn, i >> suzy: you guys can only by as good as your corners -- >> mike: laquan williams, brought town to the 35 yard line with 59 seconds to go.
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>> mike: in the interview, laquan is going to score! 55 yards on the kick. 38 on the return. and the big play for williams. >> jon: this is another guy i believe out of maryland. came to maryland as a defensive book, come verdicted to wide receiver. that similar pressive. >> mike: another opportunity for tyrod taylor. and 59 seconds left. and another blitz. getting out and running, no time-outs. out on of bounds. >> ron: you think ray lewis is not an interesting guy? he is a dominating football player and what a dominating presence. >> suzy: it's a shame you don't love the game. it really is. >> i asked for this.
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see these kids doing this -- this is a lot of the guys are going to make the team in the fourth quarter. and that is why lieic to encourage them. i have great relationships with them. oh! >> mike: fist down, first down. first down. 40 seconds now. tyrod taylor, human highlight real. noo no time-outs left on the clock. come on, down on the ball. ooh, '. just shy. brandon jones. the last two minutes, those plays are automatically reviewed
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upstairs. and we'll get a review. >> jon: this is where we can really use ray in the review. >> we just went over that rule. any time the ball breaks the pylon that's a touchdown. >> suzy: take a look. >> the ball breaks the pylon that is six points. that is six points. that is a beautiful play. touchdown. i watched tyrod in college, and almost every college game he played. and i told him a lot about coaches. i think the skill of your draft this year is tyrod taylor. he is just that exceptional as after athlete. >> suzy: what is your magic of the team this year?
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>> i thinking toness. we have the right mix of young guys and veterans. and we keep brings in pieces, pieces, and vontae leads and you bring in brian mckinney, and now they are excited about a lot of things. and we have our team together, athink a lot of excite is coming to the game narc was brandon jones out of his fifth year in oklahoma, tennessee, san francisco. caught over 100 balls in his career. fighting for that extra yard. >> jon: how about tyrod taylor. ray is yelling, spike it here. he runs the play. that is going to be a touchdown. >> jon: how about ray lewis as announcer. >> ron: the play by play was awesome. wasn't it? >> mike: be greet work with someone who knows the rules. that would be great for me.
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here is the call. >> referee: after reviewing the play, the runner hit the pylopy it is a touchdown. >> jon: look at this crowd. it's great. i love it. what a call. ray lewis, he knows more of the rules than you do, ron. >> ron: lay it on me now. >> mike: and cundiff for the extra point. 34-31 baltimore. >> ron: full blitz, tyrod taylor. look out, brandon jones.
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ball breaks the pylon. he nosed his mobility, his accuracy. the moxie you have to have as a quarterback. outstanding job. >> mike: what do you do as the number two quarterback. with baltimore, will they bring in a veteran or having a guy like taylor -- marc bulger was here. >> ron: they feel very comfortable going with tyrod taylor as a backup quarterback. that says a lot. didn't have an opportunity to learn his playbook and win over the coaches staff and win over his teammates. that is a statement. >> jon: these are some of the games, mike, i would like to see the ravens win this year.
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34-31. they have given up a lot of games over the years and won a lot of tight fisted football games. i think flacco can win a shootout. >> mike: washington still has two time-outs left. and niles hall is back to receive. nine yards deep. and to the outside. hall down the sideline. to the 37 yard line. reasoningy bush and tom brady, the dop fins, and raiders. and game two, the rockies, the raiders and broncos. seconds away, "sportscenter."
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14 seconds and two time-outs for clemens. flags down. clemens' pass is incomplete. >> jon: coming back for holding. >> mike: there is also a flag in the secondary. niles paul is down. >> jon: this is what i like to see. paul kruger, kindle. three young pass rushers to end the game for baltimore. >> referee: two fouls on the play. holding, personal foul, unnecessary roughness, 37 on the defense. the penalties offset by rule. first down.
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>> ron: let's see them cut loose one time. kindle, number 90, kruger, 99. all drafted. all here to close deals. i know there are seven seconds left. i'm excited. i want to see this ravens pass rush at its best right here. 4. >> mike: trying to get some yards to get out of bounds. it's a well designed play. two seconds. and you can take a shot from mid field at the end zone. >> jon: this will be the hail mary here. look at all the ravens are retreating here. looks like baltimore will go with a four-man rush. anything can happen. >> ron: redskins need to
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protect. this route takes awhile. >> mike: back to cover. and they drop one player back. and clemens, loads up. and got to reach, short of the end zone. and on the deflection. and finally, knocked down and the game is over. came up with the kick and the came up with the kick and the ravens win the ,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] baltimore.
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a city that's been inspiring ideas and innovation since 1729. at bank of america, we live, work and help serve the community here through hundreds of branches and atms. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from supporting the university of maryland medical center... to the restoration of the hippodrome theater and american brewery building. because when you're giving, lending and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. state of emergency,
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maryland braces for hurricane irene barreling to the east coast. and the mass exdouse from maryland beaches. hello everyone i'm denise koch. we start with hurricane irene. the storm has already left a mess in the bahamas. trees knocked down and roads flooded by the category 3 storm. irene is causing serious condition along the east coast. three people were hurt in florida as the waves knocked them off a jetty. kai jackson has the major preparations here in maryland. we're going to go to bob turk tracking irene. >> the national weather center shows the storm east of cape hatteras. it's still moving to the north
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but we have watching that are going into effect tomorrow night and on saturday night as well. tropical storm watch all around the bay. a hurricane watch areas east of us as you can see. all of delaware and all of new jersey. that's a hurricane watch. also extreme southern portions of virginia down the southern bay also under a hurricane watch. now let's take a look at this storm once again. the position about 490 miles southeast of cape hatteras. currently moving now at 120 miles per hour. it is a category 3 storm. if you take a look at those time lines by saturday morning it's approaching the south trying to coast by saturday night. probably right over eastern, north carolina. by sunday morning and afternoon it's moving to our region. so it'll be moving quickly by
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the time it gets to our area. it's only probably going to be a category 2. going to the new york city area and into new england as a one or two. a very destructive hurricane. no doubt about that because of power outages and heavy rain. this is going to be a monster storm. and it's going to affect so many people out there in the east coast where some of the people live. we'll keep tracking the storm for you and we'll tell you when the storm will be coming to our area in just a moment. we continue with kai jackson and the measures being taken to keep the community safe. >> reporter: whatever hurricane irene does, city leaders are doing whatever they can to be prepared. hurricane irene has the
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potential to do major damage. vacationers and nonemergency workers are being told to evacuate ocean city. >> if people are in ocean city whether visitors or residents, you should be doing your very best to leave ocean city and to evacuate the island. >> reporter: ocean city's mayor says some where between 125,000 and 150,000 people are at the vacation destination. so evacuating them will take time. and here is how they'll do it. phase three of the city's emergency plan stays close to midnight. all nonemergency workers must evacuate. only emergency vehicles will be allowed into ocean city. and as of midnight the sale of alcohol is banned. >> the police department is going to be going door to door in ocean city making sure that people do evacuate. >> reporter: but create a storm surge and flooding that baltimore experienced has baltimore handing out sandbags
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right now. and the red cross and towseng university are helping to evacuate. >> coming from ocean city, so these are the folks that when you go to ocean city are there making that city run well. >> reporter: all right so what do we have here? we have 55-tons of sand that you're seeing. in fact, mayor blake was out here just moments ago. you can have some of this sand as long as the bags last. there will be an 11:00 a.m. news conference tomorrow morning so the city can inform residents more on what the city of baltimore will be doing in preparation for hurricane irene. denise back to you. widespread flooding and power outages that is what is expected as irene makes landfall. >> a mass exdouse, thousands
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are fleeing hurricane irene. >> you're advised to leave the area immediately. >> reporter: but hold outs are staying at their own risk. >> this is not something to laugh at or think it's not going to matter. >> reporter: homeowners are boarding up their houses and hoping they'll still be standing when they return. >> these windows here that i just boarded up, they are old. and you know with a little bit of wind they say they would not last. >> reporter: the winds storm is so extreme it could literally split islands in half. beachgoers are trying to squeeze in one last day of sand, but it's already dangerous. >> starting tomorrow we're going to go door to door and tell people they have to leave. >> reporter: the navy ordered two doesens ships to sea where they'll be safer. the governors of six states have already declared states of emergency. another reason people in the
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outer banks want people out they're already worried about the damage and the work afterward. stay with wjz for the latest on irene's track and the potential impact on the u.s. and maryland. log on to and click on a special section on the top of our home page. the orioles family and fans struggle to come to terms with a suicide of pitching great mike flanagan. the cy young winner shot háeuls yesterday at a path near his home. -- shot himself yesterday at a path near his home. everyone who knew flanagan loved him and he impacted so many lives. >> he sat in my office drinking coffee, it's tough. >> reporter: flanagan's wife
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says he had been upset over financial issues. the family will hold a private memorial at a later date. he left no suicide note. flanagan was 59 years old. it is ravens versus red skins. it may be a preseasons game but it's a nail biter to the very ends. wjz is live, megan mccorkel is live. but first we go to mark v iviano for highlights. >> reporter: more important to both of these teams is getting themselves ready for the regular season. there was some progress for the ravens, some good, some bad. nationally televised game seen here on wjz. joe flacco had bad stuff in the first possession. you see it was picked off by


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